Tennis Courts & Leagues



Tennis Courts are available for use daily from 6am to 11pm. For more information contact


It is the intent of the Woodfield Community Association (Association) to provide tennis courts for the enjoyment of its members.

  • Use of facilities is restricted to Association members and guests.
  • Non-member Woodfield residents are not permitted to use the facilities.
  • Proper attire and regulation tennis shoes are required.
  • Proper tennis manners are expected from all players at all times.
  • No roller blades, skateboards, bicycles, dogs, etc. allowed on courts.
  • No glass containers allowed on or around the courts.
  • Players are responsible for clean up.
  • Use of the courts by a member in a way that may be interpreted as running a business or earning a profit, as in providing lessons for a fee, without prior approval of the Association Board Directors is not permitted.
  • Violation of these rules will result in suspension of tennis privileges at the discretion of the Tennis Chairperson.

Court Reservations

  • Court time can only be reserved by a member through
  • 90 minute time limit per match, singles or doubles. No back to back reservations.
  • 10 minute grace period.
  • If cancellation occurs, please remove name from
  • Children under 10 may play when a court is available. Reservations are allowed when accompanied by an adult.
  • Member players may have up to a maximum of three guests per court reservation for recreational play only, and guests may not be part of a paid instructional session.
  • The above does not apply to league matches.
To reserve a court, please visit: View instructions here.

Prime Time

Prime time is defined as weekdays after 6pm, all day Saturday, Sunday and holidays.

During prime time, Association members age 10 and over have priority. During this time, persons under 10 may be asked to forfeit courts. A 15 minute grace period will apply.

League Rules (ALTA, USTA, T2, KSwiss)

  • Teams playing in an organized league must register with the Tennis Chairperson.
  • All teams must first fill roster positions with Association members before adding non-resident non-members. Association members must be in good standing to be on a roster.
  • Non-resident non-members pay $25 per league season and must sign a liability waiver form.
  • Team rosters, non-member dues, and non-member liability waiver forms are to be submitted to the Tennis Chairperson before practice begins. This is the responsibility of the team captain. No team will be allowed to play until all dues are paid.
  • Home matches and practice schedules must be scheduled through the Tennis Chairperson.
  • Make-up matches must be scheduled through the Tennis Chairperson. Make-up matches have priority over sign-up sheet reservations.
  • Team practice times are restricted to weekdays only, not weekends or Holidays. Both courts will be reserved for practice.
  • Each team and captain is responsible for clean up after each match. This includes restroom trash, removal of grills and personal property. Please place trash bags in cans behind pool.
  • Captains must turn in keys to the Tennis Chairperson on completion of the last match of the season. Failure to do so may jeopardize entire team.
  • Any violations of these league rules may result in team fines or team suspension.


  • Individual paid tennis instruction provided by a professional to member players is permitted during non-prime time only through use of the court reservation sign up sheets.
  • When scheduling a lesson, must indicate name and phone number of member and that a lesson is being given.
  • Group instruction, defined as 2 or more, by a paid tennis instructor to member players must be approved in advance by the Tennis Chairperson and may be subject to a Use Fee, calculated either as an amount per player or a percentage of the instruction fee.
  • Group instruction by a paid tennis instructor to an approved Woodfield team playing in an organized league is exempt from the Use Fee, but subject to league practice rules above.
  • Non-resident non-member players who are on the roster of an approved Woodfield team may participate in team group instruction. No other paid tennis instruction provided by either a member or non-member professional to non-member players is permitted.
  • Court time may be reserved no more than 7 days in advance for lessons.
  • Lessons can only be scheduled when both courts are available in the same time slot as not to interfere with a match already scheduled.